Corporate sites

The corporate website is the hub of a company’s online communication, the digital summary of all its brands and the virtual home of its subsidiaries.

Strategic scope of action

We believe that a corporate website is the company’s strategic centre. It communicates core messages, sends important signals and is also open to new things. It is cross-media and interactive, communicates the brand image and inspires the dialogue. This is why we do a critical status and requirement analysis before a website finally goes live stock of the current situation and carry out a needs analysis before a website goes live, and why brand and concept workshops are held before each design is confirmed.

One website for lots of stakeholders

The corporate website needs to be attractive for a wide range of target groups: customers, journalists, potential candidates, employees and investors. This forms the basis for our target group and stakeholder analyses, and this is something we keep in mind all the time. This is why also implementation is done in close collaboration with the client. We train your employees, familiarize them with the editing systems and test everything in-depth. If required, we can also create mobile versions, country-specific versions and follow international standards.

In short:

  • Status quo and requirement analyses
  • Target group and stakeholder analyses
  • Strategy and concept workshops
  • Development of a corporate design
  • National and international corporate websites
  • Mobile versions