An online shop should be both human and attractive – in short, a shopper’s paradise where people can quarry, browse, search and shop with ease. This is the task we set ourselves for your online business.

From traffic to conversion

Of course, any business owner is happy when footfall is high. But what is even more important than a high frequency is that visitors actually make purchases. We convert traffic into sales. As a first step, we lead visitors to your website through SEO and lead generation via SEA and affiliate marketing. Then we get rid of any obstacles, streamline processes and motivate visitors to make purchases. Or, as we put it, we carry out conversion analysis and optimisation.

Behind the sales counter

As in the real world, the processes that go on behind the shop counter are at least as important as what goes on in front of it. We evaluate systems and processes, integrate your products into the content, carry out automatic and manual tests, develop specification sheets and create security with usability tests. In addition, we will train your staff and help to answer their technical questions.

At home with leading systems

For the implementation of e-commerce solutions, we rely on leading software. We work with established open-source programs such as Oxid and Magento, as well as with tried-and-tested e-commerce systems from SAP subsidiary Hybris.

In short:

  • Development of specifications sheets
  • Performance of usability tests
  • Test runs and international roll-outs
  • E-commerce for direct sales
  • Systems: Oxid, Magento and Hybris