E-mail marketing

The technology is now over 40 years old – and yet e-mail is one of the most effective marketing tools. The benefits are obvious: customers can be written to personally, the e-mails are already received by the recipient a short time after being sent, and the possibilities for a performance review are enormous. Using what are known as A/B tests, it can be discovered what e-mail versions work best. And, last but not least: e-mail marketing is cheap as no printing and shipping costs are incurred.

Diverse purposes

The classic within e-mail marketing is the newsletter. You send your customers or prospective customers an e-mail with relevant information at regular intervals. A distinction is made here from e-mails that are sent at irregular intervals – for instance, as a reminder about products that have been in the customer’s shopping basket for a long time. Order confirmations and delivery announcements also fall into this category. Such trigger and transaction e-mails have a high level of relevance for the recipient. The result: high opening and click rates. E-mail marketing is thus suitable both for generating customer loyalty in the B2B and B2C field and also for e-commerce communication.

Professional approach

Only the interaction of many factors makes an e-mail successful. Such essential things as clearly defined goals and guiding themes form part of this: what would you like to achieve and what added value do you convey to the recipients? The content should be clearly structured and the tone should suit you and your target group. Carefully selected subject lines are just as important – as this ensures a high opening rate. The time the e-mail is sent is also crucial for an impressive result. We keep our eye on all of these factors.

Strong partner

Together with our partner Inxmail, we fulfil even the highest demands. The special thing about Inxmail is its flexibility: e-mail marketing can be linked to your existing software solutions and thus creates a standardised database with maximum efficiency. And, thanks to the German computer centre, Inxmail offers the highest level of security on the market. Naturally, we can also integrate other e-mail marketing systems – exactly to suit your needs.

Our services at a glance:

  • Establishment of newsletter systems and campaigns
  • Creation of templates
  • Selection and setup of the system
  • Connection to systems and shops
  • Creation of landing pages
  • Shipping
  • Evaluation
  • Optimisation
  • Testing
  • Address management

Our e-mail marketing references:

Covestro, FUJIFILM, ebookers.com, ANSON'S, Peek & Cloppenburg

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