The extranet expands the opportunities presented by the intranet to include your partners. With it, not only can your staff benefit from your Web-based network but also your sales partners, customers and suppliers. In a way, it is like a protected, exclusive, high-performance branch office for your company.

Turning knowledge into partnership

Way back when (which in the world of the Internet was actually only a few years ago), the extranet was a kind of information board for select customers and suppliers. Our extranet solutions have evolved into e-business platforms for your partners. They speed things up. They support your sales staff in their everyday work, provide sales documents, integrate loyalty programmes and provide the latest corporate and product information – confidentially and securely, including in mobile format, if required.

In Short:

  • Stakeholder analysis and integration
  • Project management and concept development
  • Concept development for partner programmes
  • User interface design and usability consultancy
  • Usability testing, including in extranet users’ work environments
  • Technical implementation and CMS implementation
  • Shop implementation
  • Application development and integration
  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Roll-out planning and content migration
  • Training, user manuals and tutorials