International websites

Websites for international corporations pose particular challenges – in terms of Web design, process management, workflows and target group analysis. The complexity increases exponentially: 4 + 4 does not equal 8 but 16.

Sharing ideas

The key to a successful international website is its project management. After all, major Web projects are influenced by diverse country interests, various market requirements, wide-ranging target groups and plenty of other factors. Thanks to our many years of experience handling projects like these, we have at our disposal the structures and tools to meet these challenges head on. We hold international analysis, concept and target group workshops; get all the relevant stakeholders on board early on; conduct international consolidation projects and pay attention to heterogeneous target group requirements. We always respect cultural differences and local needs.

From start to finish

During the implementation phase, we develop an international corporate design for online use, which takes into account country-specific differences. Later, we integrate cross-division editorial workflows, conduct training sessions and test and adapt the website for mobile use. In short, we manage the project until it is ready for launch in all countries.

In short:

  • Status quo analysis
  • Set-up of project management structures
  • Workshops
  • Stakeholder analysis and integration
  • Corporate design
  • Mobile versions