The intranet has changed hugely over the years. And if you think about it, the term ‘intranet’ doesn’t seem quite right any more. Perhaps our intranet solutions would be better termed ‘collaboration net solutions’.

From noticeboards to a tool for employees

In its early days, the intranet was a kind of noticeboard for staff information and was used for internal communication. It then developed into a platform for internal business applications that enabled a high level of personalisation. Today, we see the intranet as something completely different. For us, it is a powerful and effective tool for strengthening partnership. Our Internet solutions create synergies and set standards. They help people exchange ideas, improve workflows, simplify work processes and save time. Thanks to Web-based interfaces and community functions, they enable you to integrate external subsidiaries into your communication. They also streamline decision-making processes and eliminate obstacles – via a centralised point of contact no less.

In Short:

  • Stakeholder analysis and integration
  • Identification and management of needs
  • System environment analysis
  • Project management and concept development
  • User interface design and usability consultancy
  • Usability testing, including in the employees’ working environment
  • Technical implementation and CMS implementation
  • Quality assurance and tests
  • Roll-out planning and content migration
  • Training, user manuals and tutorials