Real-time advertising

Target group identified. Target group activated. And in real time, too. Real-time advertising can be summarised very briefly in this way. Advertising spaces are bought and sold in an individualised and automatic way. As much as a third of all advertising spaces are booked programmatically.

Collecting and evaluating user data

The basis of successful real-time advertising is the collection and evaluation of user data. Banners and other display ads are then bought at auction and activated immediately using this data. The whole thing takes a few milliseconds. To minimise wastage, we narrow down the target groups using targeting. This means that we compile target group data. This contains information about what has interested the user recently, what he was looking for and where he spends time online.

Holistic thinking

An example of programmatic buying: in the past, a car manufacturer positioned his advertising on the websites of car magazines or in car forums. Media agencies created media plans for this. Today, thanks to programmatic buying, we can always provide the advertising wherever people interested in cars are at the moment – across all websites. The benefit: the potential car buyer has much more contact with the brand. Recognition and conversion increase. Online marketing is thus conceived in a holistic way – regardless of channels or devices. Naturally, in addition to programmatic buying, we also offer the creation of display ads that are unusual, surprising and yet simple – and thus generate the necessary attention.

Our services at a glance:

  • Workshops as the start of the project or individual project
  • Strategic consulting
  • Target group analysis
  • Programmatic buying
  • Retargeting
  • Creation of advertisements
  • Controlling and optimisation

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