Real-time targeting

Everyone’s talking about big data and personalisation. Nevertheless, only very few companies exploit the resulting potential for their own website. The consequence: the content is mostly static and identical for every visitor. And yet, personalised content verifiably leads to improved conversion rates. With our real-time targeting measures, we help you to address the visitors to your website on an individual basis.

More success with personalisation

Real-time targeting means: every single visitor receives the content that is relevant to him – in real-time, too. Personalisation takes place among other things by analysing the click behaviour along the customer journey, based on the device used and using the current location. This enables, for instance, a distinction to be made between first-time visitors and returning customers. Real-time targeting can also be helpful when recruiting – by launching custom-fit job advertisements.

Concept meets technology

A great deal of conceptual preliminary work is required so that personalisation is achieved in fractions of a second. Together with our partners, we categorise your users into target groups and adapt the content, language, media or navigation areas in a target group-specific way. We even get to know completely unfamiliar visitors better via their click behaviour and can thus provide them with individual information in a fully automatic manner. The result: a sustainable optimise customer experience and more conversions.

Our services at a glance:

  • Workshops
  • Strategic consulting
  • Target group analysis using personas
  • Development of a real-time targeting strategy
  • Creation, monitoring and optimisation of real-time targeting measures

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