Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Those who ignore search engines ignore their customers: a large proportion of all online activities begins by visiting a search engine. Those who appear at the top of the list of hits gain attention and clicks. Search engine optimisation is complex. It is not enough to make tweaks in one area. This doesn’t make a Fiat a Ferrari. This is why we pursue a comprehensive approach of on-page and off-page measures. Before any optimisation, we analyse the website and advise you of its potential.

On-page optimisation: content counts

We optimise the content of your websites and also revise the source text. In this way, we create added value for the user and help search engines to find the best result. To do this, we perform extensive keyword research and prioritise the necessary search words for better findability. Last but not least, we check for duplicate content, which is not viewed favourably by search engines. Through our extensive experience, we know how to optimise. We use this knowledge to develop custom-fit strategies.

Off-page optimisation: quality links

Content is important – and so are links. However, only natural links. We set these up. The aim: providing your website with high-quality links in order to increase the visibility of your website on Google. What’s more, we provide an optimum link structure within your websites.

Consulting and reporting: updated monthly

In order to improve the quality of the search results, Google permanently refines its algorithms. Over 200 ranking factors now have an influence on the assessment of websites. The main focus lies on mobile-friendliness, i.e. the usability of websites on smartphones. Continuous monitoring is thus essential. We observe SEO trends, undergo continuous further training, and continually adapt your website to suit the Google requirements. And, naturally, we document the results: you get your ranking positions and flow statistics updated each month.

Our services at a glance:

  • On-page optimisation
  • Off-page optimisation
  • Continuous identification of opportunities
  • Monthly reporting
  • Consulting and service

Our SEO references:

Covestro, FUJIFILM, Grundeigentümer-Versicherung,, Lekkerland, Vaillant

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