Sitecore – enterprise content management system

Want an elegant combination of content management and digital marketing? Then Sitecore might be the ideal enterprise content management system (ECMS) for you. With Sitecore, you can set up and combine complex websites, online shops, newsletters, mobile devices, an intranet and social media. Sitecore is thus an all-in-one solution.

Good for business


The multi-functionality is particularly valued by business users. Thanks to functions such as engagement analytics and engagement automation – which are available on a customer engagement platform – you can observe the preferences and interests of page visitors and use them to address customers in a personalised way. Sitecore can thus react to the preferences of visitors in real time and display new content immediately. And thanks to a direct interface with the email campaign manager, the knowledge collected can be easily transformed into a personalised newsletter. Sitecore is also interesting for international Internet projects as it has powerful language management facilities and the back-end can be operated in various languages.

As simple as an Office programme

What makes Sitecore particularly attractive to companies is that its back-end is reminiscent of the standard Microsoft Office environment. Editors and website operators can therefore maintain texts, images and videos easily without the need for lots of training. User knowledge of Word or PowerPoint is sufficient.

Website visitors to customers

We help you to use Sitecore to make customers out of your website visitors. We plan and conceive the CMS, develop templates, implement, test, carry out the roll-out and train editors in the operation of Sitecore.

Our services in a nutshell

  • Analysis, conception, planning and design
  • Usability tests
  • Creation of technical and specification sheets
  • Template development
  • Application integration
  • Content migration and integration
  • International roll-outs
  • Quality assurance
  • Training, support, updates
  • Updates and upgrades

Our projects with Sitecore

Bayer MaterialScience (conception, design and responsive front-end development)

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