Social media marketing

Facebook, Twitter and similar are part of the online marketing mix. Full stop. We make content, products and services known on social media and get into contact with customers, business partners and like-minded people. Different people come together everywhere and talk to each other. To reach them, one needs in-depth understanding of the target groups and their habits. We reach well-connected opinion leaders on Twitter. With Facebook posts and ads, we achieve a broad effect among under 20-year-olds. We find teenagers on Snapchat. For companies, we use the business channels Xing and LinkedIn. For specialists, we create blogs and blog posts. And if the campaign objective demands it, we also post a cat video on YouTube.

Defining the target group and aims

Social media marketing revolves around curiosity and interest, living environments and conceptual worlds, dialogue and opinion. An analysis of the market, trends, wishes, needs and objectives is essential for success. Themes must be discovered, target groups identified and goals defined. Only in this way does communication take place at eye level. We thus divide our target groups according to demographic data and personal interests, analyse their usage habits and create personas. Possible aims could be to increase contact and conversion rates, promote individual products, services or events, improve brand awareness, increase traffic to the website or the search engine ranking. On this basis, we develop a social media strategy that is in harmony with the brand objectives of the company and with the interests and living environments of the followers.

Our services at a glance:

  • Workshops as the start of the project or individual project
  • Target group definition
  • Development of ideas
  • Selection of suitable channels
  • Creation of advertisements
  • Creation of relevant content in words and images
  • Placement of the advertising
  • Controlling and optimisation
  • Performance measurement and reporting

Our social media marketing references:

ANSON’S, Burda Verlag, FUJIFILM, Grundeigentümer-Versicherung, Peek & Cloppenburg, Y-Style

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